Lingerie Care

Saturday lingerie has very precise washing instructions, so please make sure you follow the directions carefully. Our intimates are made from very delicate fibres, so they require special care to lengthen their lifespan. The more gentle and loving you are with your garments, the longer they will last and love you in return. Follow the instructions to ensure you get plenty of wear from your beautiful new lingerie. 

Rotate your garments.

Bras and bralettes can be laundered after 2-3 wearings and it's best to rotate them every couple of days to allow the material time to return to its natural shape.

Hand wash with care.

We recommend hand-washing all garments in lukewarm water with no detergent. After soaking your lingerie for 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Dry flat in shade.

It's best to lay your garment on a towel in the shade or flat on your kitchen bench. Hanging your delicates up can cause them to tear or stretch out of shape.

Do not tumble dry.

Avoid machine washing or drying your intimates as it damages the fine fibers and can cause stress by stretching straps and rubbing on underwire seams.

Do not beach or soak.

Bleach and detergents can cause discolouring of your intimates. Do not soak, scrub or scratch your delicates, as this will cause them to fray, lose their shape and discolour. 

Keep me safe.

Be sure to keep your intimates in lingerie bags or to ensure that they don't get caught up with your other bra hooks and zips. Keeping them separated also makes them easier to find. 

If you have any questions or need further information on how to care for your garments please email us at