Australian Shipping Delays

As you know, severe and widespread weather events have caused, and continue to have, significant logistical impacts for businesses across the country.

We'll be keeping you up to date as regularly as possible on how these events to help you keep your customers informed around delivery timings.

Following heavy rain and flooding, the Sydney to Perth rail line is closed and will remain that way for some weeks ahead. Unfortunately, the Melbourne-Adelaide rail link has also been closed due to damage caused by a train derailment earlier this week and its recovery date is unknown at this stage.

With both rail lines impacted and based on current information available to us, all freight services are likely to experience significant challenges and we expect there will be delivery delays.

The greatest current impact is on items traveling via Parcel Post to Western Australia from the east of Australia, which by our current estimates, may take up to an additional two weeks to arrive.

While these events are out of our control, we understand how critical it is to keep you updated to help you communicate and ensure the best possible experience for your customers, particularly at this crucial time of year.

What you can do:

  • Change order to Express Post for WA deliveries 

  • Please note, as more customers opt to use these services, we may see a slight delay of up to two days on these lanes

We will provide updates with any further changes.