'Thank you' - A letter from our founder

Saturday the Label is a 100% female owned, led and operated business that designs intimates that are handmade by women, for women.

As a lingerie line that was established in the 2000's we have been fortunate enough to enter an industry that has already overcome so many trials and tribulations in its ability to design and promote undergarments for women, without over sexualising them or portraying them to be for the pleasure of men.

Unsurprisingly, we continue to come across hurdles when advertising our products on social and on media outlets that dictate what they personally deem as inappropriate vs appropriate content based on old-school mentalities of giant conglomerates.

Since our inception, we have instead focused on our greatest promotional tool, women. The women who support Saturday by not only buying our brand and spreading the word, but fellow female entrepreneurs who willingly share their knowledge, learnings and support to help us grow our brand in a world that is still learning how to support and empower women equally.

So we write this note to say thank you. Thank you to all of our loyal customers (men included) and the women, mothers and business owners who continue to support us, motivate us and inspire us. You make it possible for us to keep driving our business forward.

In 2020 we focus not on the hurdles, but the tribulations, on sustainability, on being more inclusive in our sizing, on advancing our products and building a network of women to not only proudly showcase our lingerie, but be a part of supporting and growing a business that celebrates the female form in a fun, healthy and positive way.

Thank you for supporting Saturday lingerie we are excited and optimistic for what the future holds.

Happy International Womens Day.

Shani Tomkins

Founder | Designer
Saturday the Label