Saturday with Jax

Model turned cook Jax Raynor spent the day with Saturday the Label chasing the sun on Sydneys stunning North Shore. Jax of all trades, a model, self-confessed lingerie addict and food fanatic with her own food and travel blog. This Nantucket born, New York raised, Sydney sider is a force to be reckoned with. 
We found a place in the sun with Jax on this beautiful Spring Saturday in September to snap some portraits and gain a little more insight into her world.

So, what's your story?
I’m Jax and I’m a 23 year old from a little island called Nantucket. I currently live in Sydney, Australia with my boyfriend (no dogs.. yet). I have been modelling since I  was 8, however I grew up around food. My parents are chefs. My boyfriend (he would never use the word, but) is a chef. My favourite days of the week are Wednesdays and Sundays when I go down to the local farmers markets here in Manly and drool over the fresh produce. I love setting the table nicely. I love having people over for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  If we’re going on a trip I spend weeks ahead researching restaurants, markets and shops we can go to. My favourite place in our apartment is the kitchen.

How did you choose your profession?
When I was 8 years old I begged my Mum to take me to a Ralph Lauren casting, the scout spotted me in the carpark and I ended up getting the job. I signed with my first agency in New York when I was 11 and then went onto London and Hong Kong to continue working. I now work full-time as a model in Sydney and it's my favourite place yet. However cooking, being somewhat my side project, has surrounded me from the beginning also. 

Who do you aspire to and why?
That’s easy! Julia Child because she is an absolute legend in the world of food and Jennifer Lawrence because she is her own person in an industry where it's easy to forget who you are...and she's a badass. 

What are you most looking forward to?
I'm really looking forward to seeing where my blog, Model Turned Cook, takes me. People are always pleasantly surprised on set when they hear me talking about a food blog that I work on in my spare time. I like surprising people.

What’s your fave beauty secret?
I use SPF every day on my face, neck, chest and hands and I cant live without Lanolips... my sister-in-law got me hooked and now I can't go anywhere without it.

How much do you love Saturday lingerie?
I loved Saturday from the minute I met you guys!! At the casting I said that I would buy the lingerie even if I wasn't booked for the job because I thought it was so pretty. It's very effo
rtless and sexy and I love that in lingerie.

Model: @jax_raynor
Photographer: @charlesgrantcreative
H&M and Styling: @katiemooremakeup
Lingerie: @saturdaythelabel

With love, Saturday.